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jQuery Plugins

Yesterday I spent several hours going through the UI jQuery plugins and compiled a list of the most interesting to me. Bear in mind that in many cases interesting to me is driven by the fact that I work with scheduling software.

  • FullCalendar month-view calendar that supports drag and drop of events (demo)
  • AutoScroll script to automatically scroll an element as you near an edge
  • jCal large, multi-day day picker control
  • jEditable control that allows arbitrary text to edited inline when clicked
  • jGrowl plugin to create a Growl-like effect on a web page
  • Growl another plugin to create a Growl-like effect on a web page
  • DynaTree dynamic tree view (demo)
  • jScrollPane javascript scroll bars (demo)
  • Purr yet another Grow-like effect on a web page. This one has the nicest visual presentation of those listed.(demo)
  • QuickSearch javascript search field that eliminates non-matching elements from a table
  • SemanticTabs jQuery tabs
  • uiTableFilter filters elements of a table based on a search field
  • Throbber jQuery loading circle (demo)
  • TimePicker jQuery timepicker