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Cocoa Date Formats

I’m posting this here mostly for quick personal reference. Below is the date format strings used by NSCalendarDate this information was taken from here.

Conversion Specifier



a ‘%’ character


abbreviated weekday name


full weekday name


abbreviated month name


full month name


shorthand for %X %x, the locale format for date and time


day of the month as a decimal number (01-31)


same as %d but does not print the leading 0 for days 1 through 9


milliseconds as a decimal number (000-999)


hour based on a 24-hour clock as a decimal number (00-23)


hour based on a 12-hour clock as a decimal number (01-12)


day of the year as a decimal number (001-366)


month as a decimal number (01-12)


minute as a decimal number (00-59)


AM/PM designation for the locale


second as a decimal number (00-59)


weekday as a decimal number (0-6), where Sunday is 0


date using the date representation for the locale


time using the time representation for the locale


year without century (00-99)


year with century (such as 1990)


time zone name (such as Pacific Daylight Time)


time zone offset in hours and minutes from GMT (HHMM)

WTF Date Formats

As I’ve mentioned previously, I spend a lot of time dealing with date/time localization issues. As such, this entry from the Daily WTF was extremely applicable to me.

I could post some stuff that would make this code look like a good idea, but I’m pretty sure that would be frowned upon.