RESTful App Engine

Continuing with my trend of posting presentations I gave a while ago, last year at Twin Cities DevFest I gave a presentation about building RESTful JSON services on Google App Engine.

The presentation is designed to both explain the ideas of REST, including the following topics:

  • How REST differs from RPC-style APIs
  • The pros and cons of JSON versus XML
  • What HTTP verbs are appropriate for which operations, including PATCH witch is seen less often in the wild
  • What HTTP status codes should be used for which scenarios
  • Tools to use when developing RESTful APIs
  • Python Code examples implementing the same API in straight Webapp2, Google Cloud Endpoints, and Webapp2 + Pytracts

In the talk I introduce my JSON serialization library Pytracts (which was called ProtoPy at the time of the presentation).

Slides here and video of the presentation here. I’m planning on recording a screencast of the presentation so the audio quality is a bit better.

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