Connecting to the Marketo SOAP API using Python and suds

Marketo has a SOAP-based API that allows you to interact with a lot of their data, and while there is a Python library that supports it, the library doesn’t cover nearly all the methods supported in the API.

suds is a Python SOAP library that will read WSDL and provide methods for calling into the service.

Here is an example of making a call to the getLead(…):

import hmac
import hashlib
import datetime
import time
from suds.client import Client
def _utc_offset(date, use_system_timezone):
    if isinstance(date, datetime.datetime) and date.tzinfo is not None:
        return _timedelta_to_seconds(date.dst() or date.utcoffset())
    elif use_system_timezone:
        if date.year < 1970:
            # We use 1972 because 1970 doesn't have a leap day (feb 29)
            t = time.mktime(date.replace(year=1972).timetuple())
            t = time.mktime(date.timetuple())
        if time.localtime(t).tm_isdst: # pragma: no cover
            return -time.altzone
            return -time.timezone
        return 0
def rfc3339(date, utc=False, use_system_timezone=True):
    # Try to convert timestamp to datetime
        if use_system_timezone:
            date = datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(date)
            date = datetime.datetime.utcfromtimestamp(date)
    except TypeError:
    if not isinstance(date,
        raise TypeError('Expected timestamp or date object. Got %r.' %
    if not isinstance(date, datetime.datetime):
        date = datetime.datetime(*date.timetuple()[:3])
    utc_offset = _utc_offset(date, use_system_timezone)
    if utc:
        return _string(date + datetime.timedelta(seconds=utc_offset), 'Z')
        return _string(date, _timezone(utc_offset))
def _string(d, timezone):
    return ('%04d-%02d-%02dT%02d:%02d:%02d%s' %
            (d.year, d.month,, d.hour, d.minute, d.second, timezone))
def sign(message, encryption_key):
    digest =, message, hashlib.sha1)
    return digest.hexdigest().lower()
def set_header(client, user_id, encryption_key):
    h = client.factory.create('AuthenticationHeaderInfo')
    h.mktowsUserId = user_id
    h.requestTimestamp = rfc3339(
    h.requestSignature = sign(h.requestTimestamp + user_id, encryption_key)
url = 'pointer to your api service here?WSDL'
client = Client(url)
set_header(client, 'your username here', 'your secret key here')
leadKey = client.factory.create('LeadKey')
leadKeyRef = client.factory.create('LeadKeyRef')
leadKey.keyType = leadKeyRef.EMAIL
leadKey.keyValue = ''
print client.service.getLead(leadKey=leadKey)

Note that some of the above code is copied from/based on the aforementioned marketo-python library

  1. Hi There,

    When using your code snippest. _timezone isn’t definied. You’ll need to add this piece from the segmentio python API to get your script to work

    def _timezone(utc_offset):
    hours = abs(utc_offset) // 3600
    minutes = abs(utc_offset) % 3600 // 60
    return '%c%02d:%02d' % ('-' if utc_offset < 0 else '+', hours, minutes)


  2. Thanks Ish! Must’ve not tested outside of my real codebase before posting it.

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