Adding a Second Mailbox to Outlook 2007

Sometimes you may need to add additional mailboxes to your Outlook 2007 client beyond just your own. First, you have to be given security rights to access the mailbox, but that is outside the scope of this post.

The simplest way to do this is to use the File menu and open another user’s folder. This keeps on giving me errors, however, so the approach detailed below is the way I end up doing things.

First, go to to the Tools menu, and select the Account Settings… option:

Tools --> Account Settings....

Next, select your existing account in the Email tab and click on the Change… button:

Email tab --> Change

Click the More Settings… button:

More Settings...

Select the Advanced tab and click on the Add… button to add another account to Outlook:

Advanced --> Add...

Enter the mailbox name and click OK:

mailbox name

The new mailbox should now be appearing in Outlooks list of folders:

mailbox visible

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  1. Thank you! These directions ROCK! They are by far the simplest, most straighforward directions I have seen on how to do this (and far less confusing than the directions I got from IT staff)!

  2. Awesome !

  3. Is that the one-true, California-resident Sameer? :-)

  4. Do you have to have the full version of Exchange to do this?

  5. Hi Cate,

    I’m not sure what you mean by this. I’m not aware of a “lite” version of Exchange. You do need to have Outlook connecting to an Exchange server (as opposed to connecting via IMAP or something), if that’s what you mean.


  6. Is it possible to link a second account that isn’t on the same network?

    I’m a senior in college, and am trying to gradually shift from my school email account to my work account. is there any way to put both accounts into Outlook?

  7. Thank you for the step by step guide, works perfect, I couldnt get it to work first but I remember that I hadnt granted myself full access to the second account, that did the trick!


  8. I performed the exact steps as you have displayed bu t when i click on the new mailbox folder it gives me this error message,”Cannot display the folder. Microsoft Office Outlook cannot access the specified folder location”. What could be the problem and solution?

  9. Hi Joe,

    Are you sure you have rights to the mailbox and you typed it correctly? After that, I’m sorry, but I’m not sure what could be the problem.



  10. Yes i have the rights i was creating it for a client but it dint work. Other sites suggest that you should have READ access privileges. That is the part i don’t understand. How do i get the read access privileges where should i go to enable it?

  11. I get a different options when I click Advanced tab. :(

  12. Help Needed

    i am trying to set up another mail account but when i got to the page where to press ‘more settings the windows show much more information as you have on yours then i press more settings and advance i don t have the option to add it is a deferent windows

    no idea what to do it seams there is no permission for adding anothe mail account
    thanks for the help

  13. I did above and created the new mailbox but not shown anything under it like draft,inbox,……

  14. I am using window server 2003 and out look 2007 when I double click on mailbox nothing happened

  15. Warlock,

    David asked on 9/27/10, and I’m looking for the same answer. Is it possible to use two POP accounts ( and e-mails in my case) in the same Outlook?

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